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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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The Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) at National University is intended to prepare graduates for positions of leadership and management in the private and public sectors as well as in MNCs. The MBA program will prepare students for assuming responsibility of management in their career path in business and other organizations. The program will also prepare students to have career interests in the field of research and consultancy.


Students will be admitted in the One-Year MBA Program of the National University affiliated colleges/Institutes as per policy of the National University through a centrally administered Online Based Admission System. After announcement of admission notice, intending students should apply in the National University Online Admission Portal. Detailed procedure of admission, qualifications for admission and allocation of seats will be determined by the University authority.

The Program:

MBA program will be a One-year program, where teaching and examination of allocated courses for a specific semester would be finished within six months. Student will be promoted to the next semester after completing the examination pending the results. The basic structure of the One-year MBA program will be as follows: For the promotion, student must appear at the exam of all the courses of 1st semester.

Duration & Credit:

The duration of MBA Program is One Year divided into two semesters. A total of 36 credit hours are required to complete by the students in 10 taught course, 1 viva-voce examinations and an Internship/Project Paper with Defense.

Determination of Major Courses:

In the Second semesters, students will determine their major or specialization area where he/she will have four options to choose from such as Accounting & Information Systems, Management Studies, Marketing and Finance & Banking, out of which he/she must select one.

Course Syllabus

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Computer science is the base and platform for countless industries and disciplines. Today’s employers need graduates with both a solid foundation in the principles of computer science and specialized computing skills and backgrounds – individuals with a generalist’s knowledge, but an expert’s eye for innovation and problem solving. It only makes sense that a computer science education reflects this reality. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at the prepares students to leave school with the tools needed to become innovators and global leaders in computing. Common roles for graduates include computer programmer, software designer and engineer, financial analyst and scientific researcher.

Course Curriculum

One-Year MBA Program

  • Courses Details:

    Courses Details:

      One Year 1st Semester: 5 readings: Reading: Advanced Research Methodology Reading: Management of Multinational Corporations Reading: Bangladesh Economy: Performance & Policies Reading: Managerial Economics Reading: Project Management

      2nd Semester Major in Accounting & Information Systems (AIS): 7 readings: Reading: Advanced Financial Accounting Reading: Corporate Financial Reporting Reading: Corporate Tax Planning Reading: Strategic Management Accounting Reading: Advanced Auditing and Assurance Reading: Internship Report/Project Paper Reading: Viva-Voce with Defense

      Major in Human Resource Management (HRM): 7 readings: Reading: Training and Development Reading: Strategic Human Resource Planning Reading: Compensation Management Reading: Human Resource Information Systems Reading: International Human Resource Management Reading: Internship Report/Project Paper Reading: Viva-Voce with Defense

      Major in Marketing: 7 readings: Reading: Strategic Marketing Reading: Global Marketing Reading: Marketing for Non-Profit Organization Reading: Financial Services Marketing Reading: Innovation & New Product Development Reading: Internship Report/Project Paper Reading: Viva-Voce with Defense

      Major in Finance & Banking: 7 readings: Reading: International Financial Management Reading: Capital Investment Decision Reading: Merchant & Investment Banking Reading: Financial Derivatives Reading: Bank Risk Management Reading: Internship Report/Project Paper Reading: Viva-Voce with Defense


    • Three written papers form the First University Examination, together with a submitted portfolio of two exam essays of 2,000 words for Introduction to English Language and Literature.
    • All exams must be passed, but marks do not count towards the final degree.
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